Craig Alan Anderson

Chalice Skates "RAT GHOST SHIP" 2014

ink on acid free paper 10"w x 33"h


Chalice Skates "Never Fit In"  2013
ink on acid free paper 


Chalice Skates "Smoking Hand" 2013
ink on acid free paper 19"w x 9"h


"It all boils down to drawing."  -CAA 2011

digital intaglio patent schematic 2011


2008 CBP Tzolken Series: Watercolor on acid free paper under glass



A series from 2005 for Jason Rulnick


The work above is from 1998-2000

Below you will find a glimpse into some of my sketchbook pages that are arranged in periods of years. These are examples of the most Awe-full moments caught on paper.

The drawings above are from 2006-2008


The drawings above are from 2004-2006


The works above are from 2000-2003