Craig Alan Anderson

"Are you using those little hair sticks to push around all that colored goo?"

                                                               - Michael Krueger

"In order to make a painting you've got to use paint"

                                                            - Ronald Augutis

 "Spend at least three times longer looking at your object than drawing it."

                                                            -Pat Nemchock

"More experimental studio time will be required in 2014 to grasp a new search for visual sustenance."

                                                                                                                                                                                 -CAA 2013

"To openly and qualitatively define abstraction one must have the capability to view an object, system, or query both micro and macro cosmically with at least a partial understanding of the processes involved, and the relation to other aspects of life, culture, art and science."

-CAA 2011

Ancient civilizations have fascinated me from early on. The first ruins that I can recall from family vacations are the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, Colorado, which resonated with energy even while uninhabited. When we visited the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in the early 80’s, Mom and Dad had to peel me away from the encased mummies, which were mostly from Egypt if I remember correctly.  

During the college years I became introduced to the Moundville ruins near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which showcase an amazing ancient river city, and my most recent visit to an ancient preservation was during a family trip to Mexico in late 2007. We visited the Tulum site of Mayan city ruins. I will never forget walking through the low chambered entrance into the city. This area, and the available tactility of the structures is truly amazing. What a paradise of design.

It has been many years since I've seen the previously mentioned artifacts, however the appreciation and intrigue of archaeology and anthropology are primary influences on my work to this day.


                                                                      -CAA 2009

2-7-08 snow day