Craig Alan Anderson

"Selfie-1" 2014

acrylic and silkscreen on canvas 36"w x 42" h


AB-6 2012
oil encaustic on canvas  41"w x 61"h 


AB-5 2012

oil encaustic on canvas  37"w x 39.5"h


AB-4 2012
oil encaustic on canvas  58"w x 60"h 


AB-3 2012

 oil encaustic on canvas  41"w x 46"h


AB-2 2012

 oil encaustic on canvas  58"w x 62"h


AB-1 2012
 oil encaustic on canvas  50"w X 54"h

About the AB series:

The AB is an abbreviation for a few things. My Wife's name is Ashley Blythe, who is amazing and fully supportive of the crazy idea that my time is best spent on this earth making paintings.  ArtBerserk is a moniker that I utilize to represent my nordic heritage and enthusiasm to make art at all costs.  ABstract Resolutionism is a term that I coined and am in the process of further developing, as the intent is to generate discussion about expanding the quality and drive of current abstract art making.

I have shifted gears, venturing into new territory and also getting back to the roots and foundation of my original painting experience.  After working in acrylics solely for over 10 years, now I am re-utilizing oil paints and Dorland's Wax Medium.  Instead of painting on a panel, I am painting on stretched canvas.  Instead of working small, I am working large.  This re-encounter with my past is bringing forth a focus and ease of process which I've never felt before.  The new work feels great to me, as it captures my native Colorado's wild surroundings in a way which fits my need for dynamic compositions married to enhanced color systems based on natural observations of the landscape and light.

My past work almost always maintained a horizontal format with an identifiable horizon line. Those rules apply no more as I am experimenting with the "verticalness" of what I find exciting in nature, and attempting to find new strengths in these elements.

Finally, the digital world is in full regard with these works. I utilize my iphone and a nice stylus like a second set of eyes and hands. It allows me to capture, post process, compose and make adjustments with one easy to use device. My intent is to make prints available of this new series: not of the final paintings, but of the adjusted digital composites themselves. The photographs of the landscape that make up these compositions are quite beautiful in their own right.


P.S. Series 2012

(shown below)
oil on canvas approx. 12'h x 12'w

The "Palette Scrape" series is the first of my studio remnants body of works. T
he AB group of paintings 1-5 lent the excess palette produce for these little gems.


PS/1                                                                                 PS/2


PS/3                                                                                  PS/4


2011 Self-Portrait: Acrylic on Panel 
48" x 48"


2009 Blue Eagle Wavespell 19: Acrylic on canvas 
36" x 36"


The works below are from the 2008 CBP Tzolkin series. All are watercolors on acid free paper mounted under glass and measure 8.5"x 11".
The works below are from 2006-2007. A few are remixed CBP 10th Anniversary specials, while others came about after the Akron show. All of these paintings are backed MDF panels with primed acrylic. Click on the thumbnails for more information.