Craig Alan Anderson
Welcome to the archive page. Please take note: these works are divided into time periods but are not necessarily in order of completion.

The works in the series below are from the 2004-2008 time period. Please click on the thumbnails for more information. 


The works in series below are acrylic multi-media on backed MDF panels, (2006-2007).  All measure 
16"w x 12"h.

The paintings in the gallery below are from 2003 - 2005. They are all acrylic on stretched canvas approximately sized at 4'x4'. 


The works below are from 1999-2000. They represent an investigation into refining a particular type of lighted art. AKA the Golden Glow technology from Custom Brand Painting. To inquire about a custom glow unit of your own please contact:


The paintings below are from 1998 to 2000. They contain a variety of media and surfaces including but not limited to the following: Oil paint and encaustic, gilding, collage, resin, drawing media and acrylic paint on both panel and stretched canvas. 

The paintings below are primarily oil and encaustic on panels, stretched canvas, and assembled surfaces. They represent the 1994 - 1997 time period, and vary in size from 11"x14" to 5.5'x7'